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Maple Story Part 4 will be coming soon!

Just bought a new software few days ago so thats mean Part 4 will be coming soon...


Part 3 is here!!

2010-08-12 16:21:57 by DarkRyuzaki

Sorry for the long delay for the maplestory series.... Been busy with stuff...Anyway, u all can watch the new released MS part 3.... Cheers~....

Kinda Busy with stuff

2010-04-04 17:01:57 by DarkRyuzaki

I think i should make Part 3 of my MapleStory series any time soon...

Just finished making the part 2 of my maple story series... hope you all enjoyed it... =D

Hey there!

2010-02-19 22:58:50 by DarkRyuzaki

I almost finished the part 2 of my maple story series... hope it will be done by tomorrow.. anyway i decided to post a picture for the upcoming series...

Hey there!


2010-01-25 12:47:45 by DarkRyuzaki

This is my first time submitting something on NewGrounds... Thank you to all people that has reviewing my first movie...

Many more crapz movie will come to ya in the near future... Peace!